A podcast about two best friends that love Harry Potter and reading! They will discuss a variety of books. Join them as they chat about books and laugh about life!



Pottheads Who Read is back in action! It's been minute (17 months) since you've heard from the trio! They will update you on what happened with them, besides the pandemic, and how they are doing! Josie & Andy will talk about Sheila giving them a real life Blair Witch experience. Andy is excited to tell you about our new future episodes, Prisoners of Pop Culture! There will be Bridgerton SPOILERS! Don't listen if you don't want to know! If you don't care, then please join us. The girls will update you on their next book. Sit back and relax, and enjoy a laugh with these three as they bring you up to speed about your favorite Pottheads.


Listen to us on your favorite listening platform, and if we aren't there let us know! We will work on getting there. Email us and tell us what you think, send us a book suggestion, or what you would like more of! PottheadsWhoRead@gmail.com

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