A podcast about two best friends that love Harry Potter and reading! They will discuss a variety of books. Join them as they chat about books and laugh about life!


The dynamic trio are ready to talk about the first 5 chapters of Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone! They have chosen the drink, the Wobbly Wand. A martini type drink, that is definitely best when cold! They get silly and sometimes deep in their discussion while tipsy! Sheila cracks Josie up with her quick summary of the 5 chapters. Andy isn't sure he has seen the movie now. And Josie keeps the podcast going when Andy tries to end it abruptly!

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Listen to us on your favorite listening platform, and if we aren't there let us know! We will work on getting there. Email us and tell us what you think, a book suggestion, or what you would like more of! PottheadsWhoRead@gmail.com

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