A podcast about two best friends that love Harry Potter and reading! They will discuss a variety of books. Join them as they chat about books and laugh about life!

The trio is full of snark and the sillies, after what felt like a much too long break from talking with each other. Andy and Sheila listen to Josie read the tale of The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo. This tale is one of the oldest Cinderella stories in the world, and it's definetly not like the story many people know and have heard! They have a great discussion about the book and other folklore and fairy tale stories that have shaped their lives and society.

Listen to us on your favorite listening platform, and if we aren't there let us know! We will work on getting there. Email us and tell us what you think, a book suggestion, or what you would like more of! PottheadsWhoRead@gmail.com

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