A podcast about two best friends that love Harry Potter and reading! They will discuss a variety of books. Join them as they chat about books and laugh about life!



Happy Thor's Day! We are time traveling back in time, before the pandemic, when life was normal. Was it ever really normal? Anyways, Andy, Sheila, and Josie take you back to one of their earlier episodes with Pottheads in Training! Andy picked the book She's Got This by Laurie Hernandez. The trio start off by catching everyone up on life, and then of course Harry Potter trivia! What's your score? Listen to find out if the Josie is still winning or is Andy slowly creeping up the score board. Then they somersault in to Laurie Hernandez's book She's Got This. Join them as they discuss the book, failing, dance, and the lessons from our lives we were able to tie into this book. 

Listen to us on your favorite listening platform, and if we aren't there let us know! We will work on getting there. Email us and tell us what you think, a book suggestion, or what you would like more of! PottheadsWhoRead@gmail.com

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